In Case of Emergency…

Should you hear a rumor about a sistah who died on, or else broke 16 bones falling off of, a treadmill, because she tried to run uphill right out of the gate, please do not be alarmed.

It’s probably just me.

Yes, yes, y’all! Yours truly is an official member of Fitness 19. Why? Well, at the beginning of the year, I turned 30, and I decided that some things had to change. My husband is on a mission of his own to get fit (and deliver something very special to you hip hop heads at the end of the year, insha’Allah), so I’m joining him.

I stepped on the scale and witnessed an ungodly event when thosenumbers stopped moving. Therefore, it’s time to get serious about my health. Not only is losing weight and getting in a shape other than round important, eating right is also a big priority. Which means

drumroll, please



Funeral services for the potato chips and chocolate pudding will be held at a later date.


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