wish there was
a staircase to the sky
made of clouds and roses
wish that i could fly
and my wings
would carry me high
wish that all the wars would end
wish that cancer
would get cancer and die
wish that i could turn my teardrops
into rivers and sail the world
wish that dreams were currency
and that we could use love for money
wish that my wish could save you
wish that i could wish away the things
that keep you in the dark and pain

why don’t i have
the power
to wish a world of peace

why don’t i have
the power
to wish a world
with no bad dreams

wish that i could stay
wish that we could hope
wish that i
could wish a wish
that would make the flowers rain
wish that i could call you
back from the edge of
where you stand
wish that i could miss you
wish that i could hate
wish that i wished
for happiness
instead of freedom and space
wish that time would pause
and this would be forever
wish that i
could wish it all away

i have no power
to make these things come true
i have no power
but maybe you do

wish a wish
for me
and i’ll
wish a wish
for you


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