starlight prayer

starlight prayer

star light star bright
i can not see the stars tonight
they are hidden
deep inside
the smoke that wounds
the fire that hides
my vision is cloudy
my tongue has grown numb
no moon will greet me
no reflection of the sun
i am silenced
and shackled
and left to drown
in despair
while my nation falls
into disrepair
ignored and
i am tired
and weak
O Lord
i beseech you
give me the power
to speak
let me reveal
all the secrets
remove all the blinds
and connect all the spatters
that are our bloodlines
give me the power to heal
and the power to teach
and the power to lend power
to those out of reach

star light start bright
i wish to see
the stars tonight
to hear the acceptance
of my pleas and petitions
to behold the wondrous sign
that marks my next mission


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