wait for it

wait for it

wait for praise
wait for raise
wait for politicians
to live up to the promises they made
never happen
it don’t benefit big businesses
send factories overseas
exploit the natives
low wage paid labor for the slave
and foolishly
we support the hypocrisy
help the richest ones get richer
200 dollar bills wasted
on a pair of shoes
made by hands
without clean water or nutritious food
wait for the day
when they come for you

wait for handouts
instead of reaching a hand back
wait for cover
try to justify
violence against the Other
they don’t pray the same
talk the same
walk the same
shouldn’t they feel shame
for flaunting their differences
making good folks witness
the extent of their depravity
rainbow flag waving
natty dread wearing
lip pierced heavily tattooed
no meat eating incense burning chanting
wait to assimilate
be swallowed
lose that sense of self
wait for the day
when they come for you

wait for the end
wait for the darkness to take over
sick and tired of running
of being cornered by the soldiers
the dead-minded zombies on the ground
more lost than found
if it’s finders keepers
then become a seeker
unbury the truth
strip it naked of its grime
be prepared for hard time
wars don’t make no friends
i never learned to swim
never learned to juggle
never learned to shut my mouth
when brother sister is in trouble
never learned to give in
when there’s something to defend
wait for the day
when they come for you

in loving memory
of the all the causalities
recent or distant past
what the hell are we waiting for
when good folks are dying
meeting their ends
earlier than necessary
because “it’s none of my biz”
jumping off a bridge
pistol to the head
mama crying don’t know why
daddy looking to the sky
trying to catch a glimpse
of the star before it falls
and the light goes out
forever lost to us all
wait for none
wait for few
are you waiting for the day
when they come for you


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