hello again

dear misery
slim chance i thought
that i would see you so soon
but i must have misread the situation
because you’re here in my bed
sleeping peacefully
right next to me
you keep me cold
though the night is warm
and with your kiss
i can feel you stealing my soul
now i know
that i will never
smile and sleep and dream again

hello hello
darling sorrow
we parted ways several years ago
yet i’m back in your presence
playing prisoner in your kitchen
in a cage made of glass
with a pile of untouched stones
at my feet

well vanity
what can i say
didn’t want for you
to see me this way
this is not my best
but how could it be worse
i’m at the bottom
and i’m beginning to dig

my friends
my comrades in arms
the companions of my youth
it’s been a long time
but you’ve returned
the enemies
of my good sense
i don’t need for you to stay
but you’ll do it anyway
so i guess i’d better greet you right


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