6 A.M.

(This poem also appears in Liberated Muse Volume 1: How I Freed My Soul.)

(Also, thanks to Aaminah Shakur for providing my nifty, custom hat!)

As I lay here

Watching the sun rise

I begin to contemplate

What is my purpose

For remaining in this

Earthly state? Is it

To sing I have a dream?

Then watch my finest efforts

Evaporate in so much

Steam and smoke

Where’s the fire that used to

Burn within

The driving force behind

Our nation the glue that

Stuck us together through

Thin and thick alike


It seems so hopeless

This burden I’ve been

Ordained to carry

With no rest in sight

While my brothers push me down

And my sisters turn their backs

And our enemies roam free

Living large epic lives

While our blood grows weaker

And weaker

Nobody sees the tree

That represents our unity

Its leaves are falling

The dirt around its root is


It bears few fruit

Save for the bad apples that jump

To the ground and roll

Suddenly revelation

Look epiphany!

And I realize this place

Is nothing more than a

Tortured weigh station on the route

To Hell or greener pastures

Does it even matter?

Reinforcement of inferiority

Assaults from all angles

In the form of TV

Colorful mind drugs that

Strip us of [our] identity

The warning comes the bell tolls

The whispers get louder

But much too late, see?

My life your life

Has been sold

To the highest bidder

Who will strip us of our souls

Bodies slapped in unflattering

Wrist and ankle bracelets

Hog-tied head bowed

And told we’re having fun

Dig it?

I feel the wings they clipped

Fluttering in my heart

Struggling against the

Depression of my oppression

To re-grow rejuvenate

While thinking of the sunsets

I’ll never see

When the moonlight rushes down

To greet me my wings

Will unfurl and I can prove

To my enemies that they

Never held me

I was always free


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