Another Review of My Zine

The things you find when you Google yourself, I swear!

I happened across a blog post/review of …because Sumayyah Said So over on a blog titled Your Kung Fu Sucks!. The author came across the online link to my first zine on We Make Zines and took a peek. And here is what they said:

…because Sumayyah Said So plays host to four of Talibah’s thoughtful and well-worded poems: “Why I Write,” “Annoyance,” “Because Poems,” and “The End of Everything.” The zine also features the 8-page fantasy work, “Devour.” … If I had any criticism of the work, it would be in the form of a lament that …because Sumayyah Said So wasn’t actually 48 pages, which could have allowed for more of Talibah’s fantasy writing–because one piece was simply not enough. Encore.

YAY!!! Go comment on that post, comment on this post, tell 5 of your friends, and then invite them back here to read more of my poetry and fantasy writing.

Now, if you excuse me, C+C Music Factory is on my station and I need to dance!


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