villain – the video

it’s a sin and a shame
how you mistreated me
trampled on my innocence
buried my hopes and dreams
with no chance of surviving
this harsh climate of
forcing me to swallow
my anger my mistrust
my complaints go unheard
because under the weight
i’m suffocating
being crushed by hopelessness
as you overwork me
to the point that i forget
about the payment that you owe
the blood money
that you stole

who’s the real villain?
the terrorist? the guerrilla?
who runs this capitalist prison
spouting lies about dreams?
who started the wars?
harassed the people?
changed their names?
this ain’t no promised land, man

it’s a sin and shame
cut the bulls*it
take the blame
who are we to complain
when we stand on street corners
drink and smoke away our pay
when we refuse good education
words of wisdom
from the elderly
hide behind our history
bed hopping
club dancing
trusting other people
to raise the children that we made
pretending not to understand
the consequences of our actions
when every thought is a prayer
recorded by the angels
“first do no harm”
the circle is beyond broken
it’s been shattered and burned
yeah, blame the Man
for the poison in the well but
blame yourself and your brother for
passing around the tainted water

who’s the real villain?
the terrorist? the guerrilla?
who keeps the people chained
ambition on lock down?
3 generations in the same block
of the projects
this ain’t no promised land, man
this ain’t no promised land


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