pusher-man (the video)

you wanna be my pusher, man?
get me hooked on that sh.t
have me searchin’ the streets
diggin’ underneath
rocks and trash
peeping in windows
playin’ stick up games
while i’m ridin’ that train
feelin’ high
feelin’ high
struck with a sickness
only you can cure

you wanna be my pusher, man?
i seen you put your
baby brother on payroll
your sister on the hoe stroll
got yo’ mama cracked out
noddin’ on the porch
think you’re in charge
neighborhood kingpin
fresh cadillac with 20 inch rims
never seein’
never seein’
this high life end

how ‘bout I be your pusher, man?
take you to school
teach you the rules
the real world don’t wait
for black boys to grow up
they take ‘em young
make ‘em strong
make ‘em weak
laugh as you prey on your kind
but pay me no nevermind

i wanna be yo’ pusher, man
let me know how you like it
the twitch that you get
when the poison hits your veins
cloudin’ yo’ vision
make you suffer from
scratchin’ and nervous
paranoid and impervious
to the dark
at the end of the tunnel
that awaits
accept your fate

you have just


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