Ancestors – the video

can’t you hear them
crying out
for release and
shouting out
for peace and justice and
wandering this realm of

lost souls here
should say the sign
above the pit
in which we fall
when we fail
to stand our ground
and fight the war
cowards live
to tell the tale
full of misdirection and half truth
and boast
don’t believe the people
they lie

follow the gourd
follow the stars
follow the river of truth
it’ll help you to disguise
the stench of hate
the smell of greed
the filthy coating of
other folk’s misdeeds
you better run
you better pray
you better dance a thanks
to the ancestors
for paving your way

can’t you hear them
crying out
the pain they’ve suffered
so we can live
can’t you hear them
shouting out
the true history
of who you are
can’t you feel them
guiding your steps and
blessing your blood


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