Just a Teaser

Here’s a sneak peek from a (novel? novella? story?) piece that I’m working on. Let me know if I should continue this one, okay?


I sneered down at the body laid out before me. I felt guilty doing it, because I know that my mama raised me better than that, but I felt like I had no choice. His face was waxy and frozen in an artificial expression of peaceful rest. If I had my way, and there is a God, and all heartfelt prayers are answered, then trust me, the soul of this damn dog of a man is suffering in a fiery furnace right about now. No offense to dogs, of course.

I have to admit, my reaction was tame compared to my sister’s. Zadie stomped her over-sized ass into the funeral home, making the pews and wall hangings shake as she passed by. She huffed and puffed her way to stand beside me at the cheap coffin. I thought she was crying; her face was extremely red and puffy. But no, she was far from sad. She nodded her head once at me, lifted her black lace veil, puckered up her lips, and spat in the dead man’s face. Turning on her heel, Zadie stomped back out, leaving behind only a green glob of gelatinous goo sliding from the bridge of his nose into his eye as evidence of her presence.

I considered adding my own digestive juices to the mix, since my stomach was threatening to revolt due to seeing the petrified remains of the one man that I once loved fiercely, but now hated more than anything in this world. In the end, I was going to leave well enough alone, but my brother showed up and saved me the trouble.

Zack approached the front with trepidation. When he saw me, his nerves seemed to calm and harden at the same time. With a nod to me not unlike our sister’s, he raised a hand as if to greet the corpse. From the corner of my eye, I saw the mortician appear and smile in encouragement. Zack must have taken that as a sign because his look of lost, puppy-like abandonment melted into intense hatred and glee. He balled up his fist and slammed it down into the face of Bradley Mtume Tolliver, our shared lover who was now gone from this world, may whatever gods there be curse his blasted soul.

Maybe I should back up a little.


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