So it’s my birthday..

Honestly, I’m just grateful to be here. I give thanks and praise to my Creator for making the world and making it possible for me to exist in it. I thank my parents, Gary and Patricia Lindsey, for birthing and raising me to be the woman I am. I thank my husband, Tasherre, for marrying me, encouraging me, and taking all my quirks in stride. I thank my kids, who will not be named for privacy issues, for being the little bundles of terr .. joy that they are.

So, birthday wishes. Um.. It would be nice if people would buy my poetry book, maybe write a review of it, either on Smashwords or on my author page on Goodreads. It would make me happy if people would visit my website, watch my videos, or, if they simply want to offer support, donate to my website via Paypal (use email address [email protected]), orย  leave me a message of love.

On that note, I’m making tea, smelling the pretty flowers my husband gave me, and accepting numerous hugs and kisses from my kids. Stay tuned for new content in this new year of 2012, and be safe, insha’Allah.





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