rise – the video

i see you fall and crawl
on your hands and your knees
to the place you tried to flee
returning in shame
offering no apology
with your head
hanging down
and your hair in eyes
refuse to meet the gaze
of anyone who tries
to intrude
on your fortress of solitude
accept no help
as you struggle with fate
accept no plea
in your own defense

i offer comfort to you
in my mind
can’t interrupt the building
of mistrust
the bridge of blood and tears
is weak and rotting
reinforced only by love
we’ve changed positions
you and i
exchanged our futures
and our dooms
now we’re facing the end
of the song we never knew

holy mother and
her sacred child
father who beget us all
split the skies and seas
light the fire that we breathe
let us dance to the music
we don’t hear with our ears
let us sing the song
that has no words

rise and stand
beside me
rise and call
my name
and catch the dream
before it fades
and takes us all
and there is no where left
to crawl


This poem also appears in the e-book, Chaotic Control.


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