Chaotic Control – the video

illegal fascist-echoing
body of lies
country raping
mother murdering
devils in Man disguise
destiny to manifest
at best
toppled all the temples
plundered the pyramids
burned the books
killed the gods
changed the laws
declared themselves a win

good job
you of the
immoral majority
you weakened the people
laughed at their resistance
and wonder
why they don’t like you

we should all be
so lucky
to devalue everything we touch
turquoise and beads
copper bells and cowrie shells
jade and hand-painted scrolls
until they weren’t
then you swooped down to collect
crows and vultures
thieves and scavengers
we should all be
like you

i was forced to march
through the mountains
across the rivers
dead-ended at a
deep blue sea
shackled in a boat
fenced in by barbed wire
stripped of hope
i dined on misery
drowned my sorrows
with despair
but for dessert
i tasted

the hate that hate produced
that’s me

raised in a world of comfort
that was nice
but inherited the memory
that something wasn’t right

nigger jungle bunny cotton pickin’ fool

kids are cruel

i remember when X
was a letter that graced ball caps
and Africa was on the dark side of the moon
when Arabia
(where’s that?)
was full of women in black
and the USSR was an enemy
(although the vodka went down smooth)
when anything below Mexico
was represented by sombreros
when American history books
opened with “well, back in England..”
and all we had to do was choose

be ignorant
swallow the blue pill whole

or we could tear down the walls
that kept us locked up inside

choose wisely

because we need soldiers
not just generals
order takers
not undertakers
stop poisoning our brains
such as
we had no history
no laws or civilization
no language worth repeating
no medicine or tools
all lies

that’s the thing about about control
you keep
making up excuses
telling your pet
that it wants to be kept
even as it feels the urge
to run free

(The full, edited version of this poem appears in Chaotic Control. Please consider purchasing the e-book. Thank you.)


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