luvoholic – the video

Something fun! Kind of..

you know
i tried my hand at love
and came away with ragged nails
torn and bloody fingertips and
open cuts crisscrossing my palms
my reward
for trying to hold
something that fought to be released
my first taste of passion
coated my tongue with bitterness
gave me the shakes and nightmares
for weeks
i swore off desire
vowed to live in chastity
and celibacy
and nunnery
and whatever else-ery

broke my promise to myself
before you could say boo

i’m in love
no i’m not
i’m in love with love
but that sounds so sick
it makes my skin crawl
and my left eye twitch
i feel queasy
it burns
it interrupts my precious sleep
it shivers me timbers
makes me float on fluffy clouds
and talk to birds

i need an intervention
come on
somebody stop me
i’m falling for the falling part
desiring desire
practicing my kisses
on my hand
and the crook of my elbow
i draw hearts
with bows piercing them
and initials lined up inside

see? i’m dying
from this hideous disease
it should qualify for
12 steps and its own support group
that could save somebody’s life

or mine, at least


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