blocked 4/14/12

falling behind
in the race to relax
cinnamon burning
peach flavored leaves in my cup
mind is corrupt
full of hesitation
fingers frozen
blanks pages taunting
inspiring songs
spinning on repeat
failing to motivate
or rejuvenate
hurry up and wait
irritation springing forth
fully formed from
lack of progress
is chafing
distractions are plentiful
disguised as advice
clock is ticking
digital numbers flipping
flying away
wasting time is a crime
living life like it’s a holiday
creatively constipated
blocked and locked up
tied off
a spark of something
to light the fire that’s dying out
can’t you hear me
crying out
every lesson is a blessing
i must confess it
nightmares and cold sweats
of never being accepted
empty heart-shaped box
filled with sharpened weapons
got ink instead blood
running through my veins
sewn and stapled
hard to maintain
such narrow tunneled focus
sweet dreams calling me
but i never can remember them
morning after
seek a pattern
and start again


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