braveheart 4/23/12

courage to love
after losing so brilliantly
takes everything
i fear to release into this world
tainted eyes
crooked heart
need to be whole
before i can share my soul
with you
desperately my plea is made
masked and gowned
bloom of roses in my hands
circle of jewels
choking me
branding my skin with solitude
so confused
promises reneged
dreary day
why do you abuse me so
leaving me cold
wasting blue skies on me

just like the river flows
my hurt can only grow
trust murmurs indistinctly in my ears
i can’t break away from
the conviction
that something so terrible
can please me
twisted and tangled
in my strings
dangling over the abyss
i used to wade in on my knees
courage to love
after losing so brilliantly
just don’t come so easily
shocked and awed
by the force of you
swooping down to save
me from me
must have felt my plea


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