burning bridges blues 4/5/12

i’m so grateful
for every bridge i’ve burned
the streams i jumped across
the scars that i’ve earned
every single fire
was a lesson that i’ve learned
the best place to reside
is here in my own skin
this flesh
brown and stretched
is a prize in itself
i’m so grateful
for the bridges that i’ve burned
they’ve taught me many things
unraveled great mysteries
announced my demise
every mask
every disguise
i dance while the flames
flicker and wave
i’m so glad
for these bridges that i’ve burned
if only you had told me
that for my love
you had yearned
i could’ve brought you with me
swimming side by side
but now you’re lost and lonely
alone in my dreams i reside
no cage will ever hold me
‘cept the one i hid the key
these bridges that i’ve burned
have gifted me despair
but honey i’m so happy
i burn them everywhere


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