caged 4/19/12

long long ago
there was a girl
inside of me
she tried everything she could
to be heard and break free
little did she know the day
would come when she got her wish
and then she wished
that she wished
that fate would have missed
body was broken
soul has been scarred
mind’s always crying
without regard
to the brightness
the happier days
of the high points
she is amazed
two ring vows
two different ministers of the peace
one broken household
one great love that released
demons and darkness
and a heart that’s so pure
smothered in evil
even then she’s not sure
can she bend without snapping
can she fall with no shatter
can she speak her own words
and believe that she matters
can she sleep without dreams
that wake her up at night calling
can she do all these things
without begging and crawling
her body was broken and
her soul has been scarred
her mind’s always crying
without regard
cruel mistress destiny
sweet guardian rage
for worse or for better
this life is her cage


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