hater – the video

i offer my apologies
to those i will offend
by saying that i hate the way
your labels make me feel
constricted and confused
body alienated from my mind
what if this world
was run by me
and you were the
unwanted kind?

i hate the way
you claim to love me
you do this for my good
i hate the way
i seem to need you
even as
i’m misunderstood

followers of all that’s popular
and cheapened by being
forgive me if i trample on your
false inflated feelings
of haughty superiority
i’m only trying to live
the best i can
in this cruel world
that hates me as i am
that bends and breaks me
and remolds me
in the image
of TV
would you still hate me
if you looked
into the mirror and
saw me?

i hate the way you
tell the truth
because it sounds so much
like lies
i hate the way i
seek approval
from the department
of disguise
i hate the way
i hate myself
i hate it
when i cry

am i a victim
or an instigator
or pacifist
can i hate the way
i’ve been created
or can i reinvent
i hate the way i
hate the hate
that brings me
to resist


*This poem appears in ...because Sumayyah Said So, Vol.2. Click HERE for more details.*


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