hunger/pain 4/6/12

yawning abyss
barely contained inside
howling emptiness
won’t be denied
narrowly defined
this prickling behind my eyes
walk in caution
slither around in
battle with destiny
curse and weep over fate
arms around my body
knees pressed to my face
losing faith every day
hoping desperately to believe
in the failed prophecy
that wrote the path of my life
but the master of growls
chases me in the dark
tries to devour my flesh
drown me in the sea
of unrepentant dreams
calling my freedom a sin
telling me i will lose
in this
tortured state i hide
hearing non-existent sounds
seeing things in the night
creeping crawling and groaning
manifestations of hate
filled with a rage that keeps burning
covered with a shell that never sleeps
bearing the stigma
of social decay
shoulders quaking under the weight
of the class and race and sex
has been replaced
with the need
to destroy
slay both enemy
and friend
and rest in peace


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