insight 4/26/12

wave of cold
blankets me
chilling my desire
hate the right
hate the wrong
float above the middle path
choose a lover
from the scorned and broken
pick a fight with
the elite class
the richest man
the ruler of my nightmare
pray to every god
that i can name
offer tribute to the answerer
of my pleas
i beseech
please lead me to the water
let it cleanse me
of my sins
i’ll be waiting by the river
hold me
keep me warm
teach me to see
all the colors in this profane world
unspoken evil lurks
in common places
patiently upholding
oaths and guarantees were taken
smoothly talking
dangerous shouting
whispers in the bedroom
bleeding me
draining me of passion
wide awake
dreaming things
i can’t share
with my friends
‘cuz they won’t understand
my hidden nature
secrets i keep
choices that i once made
constant war within me
to find a place to lay my head
wind chimes sing a song
tell me that it won’t be long
before i find my way to
that promised place
that will embrace
all my flaws
the crooked and the straight
and tuck me into bed
with a tender kiss upon my lips
and grant the rest
unto my brain
my eyes have overloaded
close these windows to my soul


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