one day – the video

one day
when i am old
should i live that long
and the earth doesn’t
and the sun doesn’t
burn us to a crisp and
melt our bones
will i
i wonder
see peace
true peace
we don’t annoy each other
and we work together
for a common cause
and there’s no need
for those
snotty labels
and there’s no more
division of labor
and everyone does only
what they can do
when flags are meaningless
and less than symbols
of hate and
imperial oppression
and mistrust
when i wear
for the skin that is hated
and red
for the times that i bled
and green
for the land
that was stolen from me
and there are
rainbow ribbons
in my hair
and nobody cares
when stars and stripes
cover my shoes
and my cross and crescent
hang side by side
and om
is more than what you say
but what you do

one day
when i am old
if i can make it
that far
i would  like to
tell people
to hush
your rhetoric
annoys me
your callousness
destroys me
your only purpose
is to give us
an example
of what not
to be


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