show & tell 4/28/12

show me a dream world
that i can reach
closing my eyes or
falling into sleep
show me a path that will never
restrict my plans
or make me choose
shelter and living my faith
show me a place
where i won’t have
the strength to honestly hate
war of gods and sins
praise of devils where
angels fear to tread and
make amends
for forsaking their roles
of protection and peace keepers
have no souls
bring me a light that will lead
my way
a source of power to feed my greed
won’t be satisfied
just getting by
need to live the way i choose
destructive impulses
box me in
begging me to bring down
the walls
am i hurting you or
causing pain
surely like you’re burning me
contract of submission
an order to disappear
along with all you deem


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