the devil you know 4/16/12

driven down a path of
backed into a corner
of despair
not alive
just simply moving
going through the motions and
trying not to care
being ordered
suck it up
take responsibility
lying in the bed
that someone else has made

are choices really choices
when there is
no other way?

barely functional
no energy
dreaming wide awake
gnawing hunger in the bones
empty of a soul
fractured sympathy
for the devil right beside
liquid fire
smoky lies
turning through the veins

choices are not choices
when there is
no other way

so the band plays
while the water rushes in
pretend to be amazed
at the cruelty of those who reign
on the streets
in the bars
in the schools
in the neighborhood
sacrifice the smiles
search for something
that will numb the pain
are never choices
when decisions must be made
in vain


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