black star – the video

i saw
a black star
leave the sky and
flame out at my feet
wrapping me in his heat
struggling to revive
his incinerated mind
while silently
begging me
to help him
be free

what drives a perfect man
to flee his heavenly perch
be dashed to earth
and sing the blues
so sweetly
to me?

smooth flesh
a deep mahogany
a dab of gray
hiding in his goatee
his loc’ed mane
tumbling in rough waves
down his back
his shadowed eyes
on alert for attack
battle ready
for whatever may be

who would dare
to face this angel in the flesh
place shackles on his hands
and bring him to his knees?
this warrior this prince
this nation builder
whom i wish to kiss
be sheltered in his arms
experience my first taste of bliss

i saw
a black star
streak past my window
last night
he winked at me
as he took flight
in the trees
hellhounds at his heels
minions of the devil
in hot pursuit
trying to snuff
the light
of my sun


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