out of the box/ruminations – the video

open my eyes to blue skies
beating heart
and thoughts of
burn the blood of dragons
sip a little tea that’s colored green
with lemon and ginseng
and clean my ankh ring
laughin’ and thinkin’
they know nothin’ about me
cuz my TV don’t get
channels of stupidity
cultural conditioning
ain’t softened my brain
surrounded by books
making plans
for the school after school
history lessons
Most High’s blessings
what it means to be
black and red and white blue
cover my head
wear all black too
got a cross and skull
and a choker full of studs
jilbab in the closet
a little Marley on my wall
a Bible on the table
next to my Hendrix cd
not learnin’ voodoo tarot
i think it’s learnin’ me
ain’t no box big enough
to contain all of my dreams

hold fast
to those dreams
that sprout knees and crawl
away from you
to go and

willful ignorance
isn’t that a sin?
or should be
i imagine
because it gets abused
knocked down
run over
tied up
and set aflame
and we wonder
the children get it from

dancing and dodging and
ducking and weaving
bullets and loaded insults
and backhanded compliments
as if
i can not
words fixed to a page
in my spare time
without trying
to learn a skill
or memorize commands
in a language i will never


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