Shop Of Horrors – the video

it’s kind of disturbing
how everything we do
comes back
to haunt us
chasing us through dreams
causing scenes
and break ups and accidents
that crash through our defenses
and mock
the flimsy walls we’ve set up
to keep us locked in
over and over
we seek to deny
and justify
irresponsible actions
lack of reactions
ignore the evidence
walk on by
there’s no blood
in the streets
we can order by number
we’re so immune to these things
immobile when we need
to move
attitudes need adjustments
brother, spare a dime?
we’re losing time
sand bursting out in gushes
pouring through the cracks
of the masks we donned
in preparation for the annihilation of
the Other
choices stripped
circumstances forced
decision making
between worse and worse and curse
at the gods and the devils
and the mediators in-between
pull the metal shutters
close the doors
twist the bolts
dispose of the keys
huddle up in the corners
begging softly
and trying not to scream


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