thanks for the fire – the video

thanks for the fire
that you poured on me
from the sky
thanks for the browbeating
you delivered to me
when i spoke out of turn
i opened up my borders
let you come inside
because you said
you’d save my soul

and teach me how to teach my sons
but you stole the heat
and livelihood
my diamonds and my coal
my rubber and my gold

thanks for the flames
you sent me
as i cried out in pain
you said they’d cleanse me
but they burned
took away my knowledge
my history and my pride
tell me why
now that my heart is filled with sorrow
and the teardrops mark my trail
why’d you mislead me
why’d you take away my home

opened my arms
released my joy
told it to fly
and return when it found a place
i’d call my own
away from evil deeds

thanks for the memories
the nightmares of my trust and shame
the rumors of the light that waits
for me to gain to my sight
for the darkest veils to be cast away
thank you again
thank you again

thanks for the fire
that burns inside my chest
moving my feet forward
even as i wish to rest
just close my eyes and sleep
wallow in sacred memory
thanks for the tears
that wash away dirt of shame
and spur me on my way

thank you again
thank you again


This poem appears in Chaotic Control, available in e-book format on Smashwords.


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