war cry/things fall apart – the video

they will come
while we’re peaceful
they will rise
from the dark
they will catch us
tangled up in our dreams
there’s a war
we need to be ready for

can’t walk down the street
no more
without them watchin’ me
houndin’ me checkin’ where i’m goin’
they know my friends
and my habits
and the books that i read
they know the food that i eat
and the air that i breathe
they’re at my job
when i punch the clock
they’re there when i leave
ain’t no such thing as peace
when thugs is pickin’ on me
can’t say nothin’ aloud
chew my nails
bow my head
cuz i need to survive
got kids to feed and bills to pay
but silently swear
i’ll get them back one day
revolution is grown
underneath our feet
raise the banner
and carry on

there’s a war
comin’ to us
there’s a war
we need to be ready for

oh say can you see

the darkness in my heart

from where hope has long fled

and a fleet of soldiers

takes it place

oh say can you see

what They have done to me

my blood runs thick

and deep

and my eyes can no longer


in the rockets red glare

i bow my head in despair

the children are dying

and no one seems

to care


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