we the people – the video

balancing act in the middle of life
dangling six feet off the ground
half-struggling against the darkness
half-straining against the light
cursed with enlightenment
choked on the fruit that went down bitter
stared down the barrel of willful ignorance and
tried to pull the trigger
dismissed the advice of the ancestors
called their words outdated platitudes
but spat them out on repeat

you should look before you leap
don’t never shit where you eat

on our knees begging for blessings
from the paper bills we name as gods
hoping against hope to be chosen not as sacrifices
but as lords
picked out the domains we wish to rule with newly hardened iron fists
turned surrender into wish and failure into bliss
wayward sons and daughters pretend to be above the law
ain’t none of us invincible
assimilate the conformity of hate and murder the individual
assembly line style education intended to instill the dedication
to the master and his tools they made the rules
now we must break them

soar high on wings singed with fire
and riddled with bullet holes
shatter the shackles made of glass
smash to the ground the alms bowls
restitution not freely given
disrespect that was never earned
recognize the lies that hold you captive
snatch back the freedom that you spurned
black and brown and red cry revolution in the streets
in the boardrooms
enemies feast in peace while cities burn
and still the lesson is not learned

call it what it is
give the war its proper name
sexualize the nature of the body
drown it in a sea of shame
blame the victim for being victimized
call the free spirits illegal souls
tell the brown man that he’s worthless
that he’s damned wherever he goes
that the campaign against him is in his head
that all his history is classified
filed under non-existent and imaginary
product of a demented mind

a love so powerful and dangerous
that it chokes and burns and bleeds
ignores the basic human needs
and presents like a disease
tear her down
break the temple of the sun
the vessel of the moon
testimonies of wanton wickedness
drag her closer to her doom
accusation of witchcraft to seal to her fate
because she’d rather break than bend
one last kiss to the children she carried
one last trial to end

chalk it up to bitter luck
bet against the hand that was dealt
begrudge the dragon’s hoard of jewels and gold
and give away the wealth
land of the freely exploited
redesign the map and move the borders
where bravery is soundly punished
and cowardice rewarded
pollute the water devastate the soil
sick to death of trading young blood for oil
uprooted replanted razed and redeveloped
raise voices in song
heads get cracked
and told to
shut up


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