Heavy – the video

dearly beloved
pay me no mind
i’ll stand up again one day
when the weight of this blues
is gone
we may not see
eye to eye
any longer

thanks to the bend in my knees
and the curve of my spine
this blues is heavy
but not so burdensome
that i’ll stumble and fall
spent all my life running
tried to leave myself behind
if there’s one thing i learned baby
your blues
your blues ain’t quite like mine
this blues is heavy
but it’s my own
to bear
repentance for the past
acceptance of my sins
forgiveness for myself
then maybe i
maybe i
can begin again
this blues is heavy
but it belongs to me
this blues is heavy
don’t need no sympathy
pay me no mind
one of these days
i’m gonna be fine
your blues baby
your blues
ain’t quite like mine


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