i really hate this part of the night
that comes before the dawn
when the lights are out
and the moon is gone
and yesterday’s sun
is a bitter memory
when it’s cold
and the crickets are asleep
when no one else is awake
and i can weep and howl and cry

i really hate this part of the game
hanging my hopes on such a small ball
that doesn’t make it in
and then the buzzer rings
and i know i’ve lost again

but i can’t seem
to stay away like i need
and i don’t seem to mind
every single time you make me bleed

it’s impossible to be with you
impossible to go on by myself
i’m drowning and i’m out of my depth
and you’re the only thing
that stands between
me and my final breath
it’s impossible to stay alive
when i’m losing you and my light
and my vision’s gone
and i’m all alone
i really hate this part of the night

my days have never seemed so bleak
everything is covered in shades of grey
and every time i open up
my mouth to speak
all my words sprout wings
and fly away
leaving me behind
i never learned to climb
rather watch the fire swoon dance and sway
even the trees no longer wave
when they see me walking by below
lost wandering in a maze
got nowhere else i’m supposed to go

it’s impossible to move along
impossible to say good-bye
it’s impossible to be alone
impossible to have you by my side
i can’t even breathe without you here
can’t stand to have you in my bed
i can’t even dream
you stole my fears
impossible inside my head
it’s impossible




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