i’ve been cursed with this love
pressed down shaken together
feeling the burn of the ropes
that snake around my wrists

i was deceived
led into a faerie tale
plunked down in a circle
that was sealed
with my trust

i am a non-combatant
on the battlefield of emotion
running unarmed
dodging the corpses
of everything that i
thought i should be
duck and cover
the medics will not come
to receive me
resuscitation is unnecessary
my heart still beats
even if it leaks
the lifeblood of broken bonds
that courses through my veins

i’m in trouble
facing imminent conviction
by a judge and jury
of my own twisted invention
executioner sharpens the blade
tests the strength
slices through rotten forbidden fruit
severing all connection

i’m tired of being tired
of trying not to tremble
of the stakes being raised
higher than i can reach
left off the gambling
chose the road
with just a little bend
paid my tithes
rejected silver
looked both ways
at the crossroads
at midnight
underneath the new moon
battle-scarred battle-stained
weary and rundown
nitpicked the process of
accepting the inevitable
packed up the magic act
stuffed the tools in a bag
tricks of the trade got traded
shelved time and opportunity
warded all the windows and doors
and even then
a nasty little thing
called love
came creeping in


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