rearrange the heavens
make them fit inside my palms
cupped and holding onto the light
that becomes the dawn
everything you locked away
double chained
buried six feet underground
still you feel it in that place
even as the ashes kiss your face
all the bridges that you crossed
you stood by
and watched them burn

i try and try
to manipulate time
to bring you back to the moment
where your path diverged
from what was written and accepted
you moved the line
now the things around you
warp and fall
you’re a menace
i’m your keeper
your tamer and your reaper
the only one who connects
the broken past
with the future thrown away
but i can’t heal you all alone
if we’re both gonna survive
one of us should fly
to the other side
before the earth around us
crumbles and dies
say again how you adore me
how you shower me with lovely things
and i will tell you how i choke
on the poison wine that is your kindess
how you’re softly killing me with kisses
watch the red strings between us break
but i can’t heal you by myself
and still pull us through this thing alive
every second that we touch
some precious thing will die
i’m holding onto smoke and glass
you’re standing on the edge
if we’re both gonna survive
one of us should fly away
take to the skies
coasting peacefully
all that remains should crumble
sink into the sea
you’re a menace to my heart
i’m the keeper of your dreams
i’m the tamer of your wilder habits
and the reaper
of your silent screams


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