Tattoo – poem


her tongue burns me
sinks into my flesh
drawing memories of love-making
that months and miles
will test
i will shiver
when i smell her scent
instructions written
in my brain
at the root
she marks me
with a sign
that broadcasts the truth
leaves the evidence
of her possession
to convict and remind
i’m untouchable
useless to all who inquire
she is the drink
that quells my thirst
the oil to my fire
i’m incomplete without her
she holds two-thirds
of mind and soul
when we combine
the greatness
ravages any hope of escaping
she is my final destination
i wear her brands
upon my skin
she manipulates my heat
she ruins and revives
placates and denies
never underestimate
the feel of her fingers
at the base of my spine
her pressure is torture
offering me sweet release
whenever we lay
wrapped in sweat-dampened sheets
feeling her breath ghost
across my shoulders
breasts pressed against my back
under the surface
she has burrowed
a beautiful stain that never fades
full colored portrait of madness
that tickles and invades
the deepest crevice
where i hid the pieces
of the secrets that i spoke
she is the ink and blood i bleed
the dangerous craving that i feed

September 5, 2012
Sumayyah Talibah


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