leyline crossing

should have seen it coming
should have read the signs
but my powers of precognition
only tell me lies
the stars are charted wrong
planets misaligned
my deck is short a card
and my bones keep cryin’
they’ve been broken and mishandled
scattered all around
my potion’s boiled over and
and my drum has lost its sound
i’m at strict standstill
roots tied around my feet
flowers dropping petals
scented rain is falling down
i’ve been blocked
shut off
from the energy i need

if i could convince you
to heal me
would you lay a crystal kiss
in the space
between my breasts
light the sacred herb
blow smoke into my mouth
would you untangle
the vines
that have grown up around me
and lock me in place
fill my pond
with the water
that drained away
when the well ran dry

breeze against my skin
when i stand underneath the moon
my connection has reversed
so i release all that i’ve earned
get on my knees and recount my story
pay special attention to soil and stone
feel the heat in me
and watch the fire burn
on this altar of my body
of my spirit given flesh
cross the line and give me shelter
touch my soul
and catch my tears
breathe into me


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