Should I forget to take a breath
Will you breathe for me
Fill my lungs with your
Dark ecstasy
Til I choke
And expel the desire within

Should my life force pour
From my veins
Will you bleed
In solidarity
Til the darkness claims us
And the end
Is but a bitter memory
In our minds

Should I fail to stand
On my own
Will you walk across the river
And hold my head
Above the water rushing
Over me

Tell me again
How much you’ve sacrificed
To be the one I can call upon
When I’m in need
Ignore all your pain
And swallow the pills
Of hate and hope
I force down your throat
And cry
Let me taste your tears

Tell me again
Speak your silence
Untie your tongue
Release the beast
Let it devour me
And cry
And cry


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