lover beware

lover beware of my heart
its been known to play for keeps
be prepared to surrender
and sink to the depths with me
traverse the bridge that joins
your side of the bed to mine

lover beware
i don’t take kindly to pain
before you place your hand in mine
be sure that you feel the same
i refuse to broken
and i refuse to take the blame
love beware
of what you do with my love

do you plan to bind me
lock me away in a cage
do you plan to wound me
bury me with your rage
lover beware
i won’t be still
lover beware
you’d better be real

no imaginary one
is enough to suit my taste
lover beware
you are my favorite sin
my flesh calls out for you
to mark me with your brand
should i die tomorrow
please let it be
at your hand

lover beware of my heart
promise me i’m yours
fooled me twice
so shame on me
but you’re the one i still adore
lover beware


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