last night the music saved my life
i was drownin’ on the floor
in a sea of bitter memories
when the radio
played my favorite song
i couldn’t believe my feet betrayed me
started tappin’ out a tune
and the rhythm
wound its way
up my legs
and worked my hips from side to side
all of my troubles danced away
and i could no longer
claim to be down
cuz my soul
was bustin’ out
i had to let it go
or be carried away

last night the music saved my life
i heard it callin’ me
tellin’ me
come on out and play
bring your troubles and pain
don’t deny the hurt
but sing it out
and my blues
became my beat
and rocked my soul
and took everything
that i thought was heavy
and turned it into notes
that sounded loud and clearly
and all i had to
do was dance

last night
the music was my friend
it held me close
and kissed my lips
and made me love me
all over again
never have i cried
so happily
the way i did last night
when the music saved me


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