it’s not safe to drink the water
or eat the food
or play the games
or go to school
or take a walk past your friendly neighborhood
them shoot their guns
callin’ you the threat
standin’ accused
of crimes that you never even met
you get
no respect
cuz of the way you wear your pants
and the color of your hands
lovin’ who you choose to love
workin’ on the corner
standin’ in the rain
ain’t even got no shame
do the things you need to do
carry the banner
young warrior gearin’ up for battle
up the creek without a paddle
stranded in the dome
flood water covered your home
sinkin’ too fast
you never learned to swim
got the firepower in your brain
pull out the cards
and read ‘em
got adventure and hope
art and sensuality
failure and despair
be cautious and full of care
they’re trackin’ with the satellites
and special chips up in your phones
they will eat you alive
and leave nothin’ but the bones
ashes and dust
fast fadin’ memories
greetin’ the sun in the mornin’
ain’t never had no guarantees


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