a single act to defy
my keepers
is not enough to change the score
i can howl and holler
gnash my teeth
and still they watch
from beyond the door
i learn my lessons
with guilt and fear
sweating and shaking into the night
they hose me down and bludgeon me
but can not cure
the curse of my fight
the liquid fire that burns
inside my veins
the hot sun of my core
the lava i spew
my destiny
the orphan that dares to beg for more
i will not be broken
silenced or shorn
though bruised i may be
i will not be ridiculed or scorned
or made to question
my sanity
i vow to reach back
and clasp the hand
of one who needs a boost
i will not laugh
or smile or sing
when the chickens come home to roost
for revolution is love
and love is pure
without conditions or needs to please
in this world of broken covenants
where the remedy
has become the disease


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