to be continued

last time i believed the lies
i was still in need of lullabies
to lay me down to sleep
send me off to a dream
where all the people looked alike
and i never had to fight
never held down a lunch counter
or battled with a hose
never heard the jaws snap
dogs barking at my toes
it was subtle
in disguise
hidden in my eyes
flippin’ channels
countin’ faces
always losin’ races
separate not ever equal
my addition became division
always subtracted
sadly never multiplied
questions no solutions
nowhere left to run and hide
is this the prequel
or the sequel
ain’t a damn thing changed
still imprisoned
facin’ consequences
punishments don’t fit the crimes
waitin’ for a leader
instead of leadin’ ourselves
standin’ right on the edge
but afraid to cross the line
table scraps in our bellies
callin’ ‘em gourmet dinners
playin’ for the sake of playin’
never claimed to be the winners
day in and day out
century after century
elders ignored
youth don’t give fuck about the history
damn ship is sinkin’
why wait around to be rescued
the story never ends
it’s always to be continued..


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