131001 rant and roll

my power
intensely invigorated
selectively demonstrated
is born
of my pain
whipped and washed with a salt-water rinse
made to light the flame
that licked up my legs intimately
bringing me promises
of nightmarish wonders to come

my gaze will not be lowered
i refuse to be the shame that you claim
must be hidden away
to protect my virtue
to save face and family pride
when “to protect”
is synonymous with “oppress”
and “trod upon”

my hair is not a topic
for your elucidation
i do not need my choice
i will not again divide myself into parts
to be rearranged and misaligned on your whim
take the sum of my pieces
duct-taped and super-glued
or me leave as i am
to rot as i choose


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