Flow like the water
My papa told me
But even gentle water
Can crush a stone
Crumble down a mountain range
And carve a new path in the bedrock
With just a little trickle
Strip a whole forest of its trees
50 foot waves blocking out
All the rainbows and the sun
Devastation just cuz I’m feeling rage
I can be calm
With a face smooth and clear as glass
You can see through into the heart of me
Or maybe I am murky
Like the depths of the sea
The darkest part of unexplored territory
I can offer pleasure
Ease the ache of mortal pain
Turn a desert to a swamp with a shower of light rain
Revive and cure the thirst of a dying soul
I can snatch your breath away
Hammer down like the fists of gods
Withhold my favor giving up not a drop
Make or break a nation with my gifts
Flow like the water
My papa told me
Voice heavy with the ice of age
My frozen fingertips burn echoes of vapor trails
While my memories turn to mist


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