logged in one day to my facebook page
saw my friends’ list had taken quite a hit
my simple shock soon turned to rage
and at my monitor i shook my fist

said these friends are no friends of mine
if i cain’t be who i am
they done me the favor of not wasting my time
one door open when another slam

i’m a troublemaker
i’ll always speak my part
cuz i’m a troublemaker
don’t take these fools to heart

heard the whispers down at the art show
sayin’ there’s a mean ole bitch
took the chile aside said honey listen well
you used the wrong letter i’m just a witch
i’ll put a spell on you
for crossin’ me thrice
gon’ and think i’m evil
cuz i sure ain’t nice

funny how the one that speak the truth
always get tol’ they’re wrong
been startin’ them riots since i was a youth
ain’t nuthin’ killed me but made me strong

cuz i’m a troublemaker
i’ll always have sump’in ta say
call me a troublemaker
but you best not get in my way

don’t make me have to wound you
cut you down to proper size
cuz you poison all things you do
when you spread your hateful lies

til the day i pass
til you’re gone at last


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