#8 of 30

warm breath on my neck
heat between my thighs
red planet is on the rise in the west sky
flesh joined to flesh
feel your curves against mine
who knew sin could taste so sweet
running through my mind
question i need to ask
would you hate me if i told you i wanted you
in the worst way
would you despise me if i told you the truth
that i need you
in my life in my bed encircled in my arms in the dying light
would you believe me if i told you i cared

spiritual strip-tease leads to
metaphysical assimilation
sacred marriage of hearts and minds
rhetorical manifestation
explore another plane with me
would be my wish but if you insist
i’ll tell you what i am thinking
would you hate me
if i said i wanted to feast on your kiss
fill my belly with your energy
would you rebuke me if you knew


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