Spellbound, Poetry Month, and Stuff

Hey! It’s been a minute since I wrote a regular update, right? Right. So:

Spellbound: Parts 1-24 are up for your FREE reading pleasure. There may (or may not, depends on life) be a brief hiatus for the month of April. Why, you ask? That will be answered in the next section.

April: April is National Poetry Month (among other things) and I am, again, participating in writing 30 poems in 30 days. Look forward to it!

Jewelry: I am adding new items to the store as well as removing some older products. If you fear something you’ve had your eye on being discontinued or suddenly disappearing, this might be your last chance to snag it. So go buy something!

In all, I am planning a great month, so stick with me. Read, subscribe, comment, buy, tell a friend or 6.

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Sumayyah Talibah



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