time of my life (#21 of 30)

it’ll be fun they said so come on down and play
join us on this mission to the masses
who need to be freed and educated
pick up your sign take up your cross
get in line and march in place
stick to the script in your face

as bodies hit the ground
and shells explode around me
liberation is oppression
and my hands are tied with steel
i am having
the time of my life
wish you here to see
the destruction that you wrought
when you came to invade
i am having
the best i ever had
all thanks to you
i swear
i’ll remember your name

burn all the books and destroy the temples
heathen art has no place they said
we’ll train the animals up
to be just like man
we’ll save their souls
and be praised as heroes

whole peoples overnight
disappear in the flames
my heart my pen my eyes
shake and bleed at the sight
tears of crimson against my cheeks
and i have you to thank
i am having
the time of my life
wish it were you who was here
to witness this fate
i am having
fluffy dreams of red rage
so thank you for showing me
the true shape
of the being at your core


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