unladylike (#4 of 30)

wine-colored lip stain
dreadlocs full of beads
striped knee socks
long skirt slit to my knees
extra notepad with a pen as a bookmark
memorized the barcode
to the library-granted identity
heavy metal t-shirt
jazz in my headphones
fighting fire-breathing dragons in my dreams
my sister told me once some time ago
that i get little weirder
every year that i get bit older
now ask me if i care
i wore sneakers with my wedding dress
drank sparkling cider with my turkey and cheese on wheat
belched and scratched and refreshed my makeup
then popped the hood of the car and got my hands dirty
they say i’m unladylike
cuz there’s nothing pink and dainty about me
toss the football in the backyard with my young sons
then paint my nails and buy a new nose ring
wear a leather wrist cuff and raspberry-scented body cream
never a princess always a queen
they call me unladylike
now ask me if i care


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